Portals, portals, portals! No, this is not Valve...

I am glad to say that today I was finally able to fully add the portal feature in my game. No no, nothing groundbreaking and nothing taken from the famous videogame. It just mean I was able to transition from one map to another and viceversa. Basically I just added the door functionality in my RPG which is something awesome, at least in my opinion, because since it got integrated in the editor (v2.1 now, lots of bugs fixed) it is really easy (and fun) to make maps linked to each other.

After testing and rejoying over my small but big success, I started jotting down the basis of my HUD and game menu. It will be a classical menu à-la Final Fantasy with normal party information, player status and stuff like that. Now I just created the class and tomorrow I'll probably try to fill it in and make it work with some nice placeholder graphics, who knows.

Also I will have to add a new video of the Tile Editor because I'm actually proud of it. I just fear the time when I will have to complete all its functionalities... Meh, I'm not good at this job, I should probably go work at McDonald's...



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