More concept art and the portal editor...

Hello my readers..
Today, after days of mindlessly drawing, reading tutorials on how to draw, and getting used to my tablet, I was finally able to come up with a result that I would consider pretty good for my abilities... It's still not perfect, but it's closer to what I imagined the finished product would be.

I'm going to post here the concept art I drew these last days and you can clearly see its evolution (Actually attempt #2 is better than some other attempts..). This was really helpful to me, cause now I am able to draw Viviane's face without having to follow a tutorial step by step, watch a youtube video on how to draw eyes (Those eyes.. ugh, I hate it) and I am able to draw different expressions while still giving the same resemblance to the face... which is something not easy to do.

I'll keep practicing like crazy... This needs to be perfect (and it's actually pretty fun!).

On a more serious note, about programming... I am glad to say that I was able to introduce multitasking in my Event engine and now I am able to run more than one scripted event at the same time (provided they don't conflict with each other). For example I can move a character somewhere while another character changes position and another one changes animation. This is really useful if I want to get some cool fighting scenes or dramatic entries (which will happen).

Now I am working on adding a portal feature to my maps, which is basically a door/teleport tile that allows me to load another map when the character steps on it. In theory it's actually pretty easy, but it's more harder than it looks because I have to completely re-write the TileMap class to incapsulate all the informations needed for the new maps as well (like NPCs, Events etc etc). So far I've almost finished the TileEditor for those portals which did give me some troubles... It's currently at version 2.0 and it's no-where close to the end. I will have to add NPC support, treasure boxes, event adding (not event editor... that's already completed) and something more maybe (like support for multiple forelayers or moving sprites like water tiles).

This was a nice update and I'm pretty satisfied of what I've done. Probably next time the portal feature will be up and working, who knows? Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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