I'm a master at art... no, actually not.

Here I am my fellow followers...

I spent the past two weeks working on the concept art for the game, getting down the plot, scenarios, dialogues (actually, just the characters...). Also, I bought a Wacom Tablet (Bamboo Pen, always wanted one) even though I don't know how to draw, so I'll learn and be able to draw the art for this game myself...

I will obviously get some help from the outside, but this is my project and I will get it done.

After working with guides on how to draw (yeah, I'm THAT bad at drawing) I got some improvement and I was able to get on the paper (on the screen actually) my first personal concept art for Viviane.. It's not the best but looking back at my improvements, I've already done a lot from stick figures..

I still have to fix the eyes and the personality.. add shades and everything but as a first try I guess it passes...

Now I'll go back to study drawing theory,


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