I'm back in action... maybe?

Good day followers... I'm back in action and ready to go on with my quest to program this RPG.

No, I haven't abandoned the project, I know I keep doing this it's just my way of dealing with things... especially since the game is just a hobby and real life stuff always comes first..

Also I've been quite involved in a few other stuff (like 2 jobs and university exams) that took away most of my time. I got back into gaming with some games I had missed from the past 6 months and I had some catching up to do. Right now, though, I'm back in action (God only knows for how long..) and I'm planning to completely write down the whole story and dialogues before going on, I want (and need) something to work on since the basic engine is going on steadily and it is pretty stable already. I want to get something done because I don't want this to become an abandoned project yet.

I will release it, I swear to myself! Since one of my troubles was looking for a graphic artist I've opted for the cheap option I had.. I'm going to buy a tablet and try to work some of the arts myself. I know a few people who can help me out and give me hints and I'm not bad at pixel arts already (been doing the sprites so far..), I hope I can manage this.

Lastly, I hope I still have some followers or just people who wander on and off this blog, because I won't disappoint you guys, I will get this project done one day... and that will be the best day of my life probably.


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