Rebuilding the Tile Editor + Tile Engine - Part 2

Welcome back my friends. This is the second part of my huge changes applied to the tile engine.

I'm glad to announce that I was able to modify the TileEngine to be faster and easier to understand, I was finally able to implement ContentLoaders to help me manage the project inside Visual Studio. Now, if I want to load the whole map level (which consists of a .map file, each .layer file + a collision layer + a forelayer + all the used tiles) I can just reference the .map file inside the project and the Load call will take care of everything.

The new content loaders were a bit of a pain to create, however now they work pretty smooth and most of the loading speed is based at build time and not at the load calls inside the game, making it a bit faster to load levels.

Soon I will have to implement a warp feature inside the tile engine, not too difficult actually, to load different maps depending on the position of the player. As of now, I'll have a little fun with the new features I put in the game, seeing if I can get something nice to show up for you guys (few people to be honest..) impatient to see a piece of the game.


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