A new video..? Not much to show.

Hello my followers...
Today it's been a pretty bad day for development... I've been one whole day trying to figure out a new error (Exception unhandled) in my Content Processor for my Event class... Apparently it just decided to stop working and Visual Studio 2008 went on strike and decided to stop every builder/debugger ever...

After spending a whole day figuring out what the problem was, I found out that my project was building a different source code (which I have yet to understand what it was...) than what it was supposed to and whatever changes I was applying they weren't even read.

What I had to do is to delete the whoe Content project, remove every assembly related to it and restart from scratch (well, I copy+pasted the sources...). This at last made it work... but only after 8 hours of hair-ripping debugging (Which wasn't working).

Sometimes I hate computers, I seriously do.

Anyways, since I haven't posted much in a while and I came back to this only a few days ago, I decided to hand out a new video and a screenshot of what I'm currently working at.

The video shows the Event Editor I use to code the event scripts in my game and the screenshot is an Xbox screenshot of a running event (the one I was changin in the video).

I know it's not much and the graphical assets are all missing (Tell me something I don't know..) but it's still something I go proud of.

Enjoy the screenshot and the videos. To the next update!




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