Events, Xbox360 and a step closer to spaghetti code.

Hello my lovely followers (so few followers actually..)!

Today I have a nice update for everyone. Since I pretty much disappeared for a while, with Christmas holidays, ET and exams at the University I had no real time to work on the project, however today I came back to it with a nice update and new features ready to be used!

1) I was actually able to deploy the game to the Xbox360 through the Trial membership (I love being a MSDNAA student!) and, after having fixed a few graphical glitches due to the change of resolution and some annoying bugs, the game is perfectly working on my small (very small...ugh) TV at 720p. This, to me, is awesome since I honestly never thought I was ever able to see my small game (even if incomplete and pre-alpha version) on my Xbox360, makes me feel really pro and one step closer to a real AAA game.

2) I stopped the development of the Battle Engine since it felt almost complete, I will have to add implementation for skill animations, attack animations, items support + animations, monster AI (scripting... ugh!) and multi-character support, however the backbone of the engine is done and it's very versatile, I will have no real trouble adding those features once I have them planned.

3) I started working on the event engine for scripted events on the TileMap screen and.... it's awesome! I was able to get it ready, loaded and running in less than 4 hours (still have to implement some functions thoguh) and that is a record time for me... Since I've never coded a script engine before and it was my first approach. Now I'm able to write simple and easy to write files with commands and instructions to the NPCs on the map to perform all the various actions/conversations available... To be honest, I really squealed like a fangirl when I saw an NPC coming on the screen, from offscreen, walking happily toward the (X,Y) point of choice after I told him so. I was so happy that everything was working that now I feel a new adrenaline charge to dive in the project once more and try to finish the backbone engine for everything as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this, my friends.


PS: Next time hopefully I'll post some new screens from the game... maybe.


  1. Tom. Divine/Noskill from OldSchoolFlyff.1/22/2010 08:36:00 pm

    It seems youre on your way to completion!
    Academic Alliance is awesome indeed, free licenses ftw. Too bad I dont have an xbox360 to try your game when its finished, but I cant wait to see some more ingame screen caps =D


  2. Nope... sorry I'm nowhere near completion... I'm missing all the graphical asset and that is a huge problem for me... I will find a way to deal with that when the time comes though, first I will have to finish the whole backbone of the project.

    Thanks for reading through this though, I appreciate. Stay tuned for more posts!