The battle engine and its miracles...

Today I was able to go further in my battle engine and, surprisingly, it's working pretty well. With an event driven GUI-like interface it's getting easier and easier to go on... however some things keep me amazed and wondering... Sometimes I don't even remember stuff I myself have added in.

I've just spent 20 minutes looking for the place I told my game to select the party during a healing spell. I swear I didn't remember putting that in and later on I just found out it parsed the type of skill and added the player party to the list of "enemies" instead of the enemies themselves. That's how intelligent my GUI is, I'm really happy.

Now I just have to add in some animations for both skills and players and the battle engine should be done with... that's a huge step, seriously.

Next I'll be posting a small video of it done (hopefully), so keep tuned for even more!



New possible addition to the team?

Hello guys, today I have great news. Probably the project will now speed up a little bit and I have to apologise once again for the lack of updates as of lately.

I've found someone who could, probably, be a nice addition to the team regarding the graphical aspects of the game, I'm already "using" her for characters concept art and she'll take on pixel art as well... I have great hopes for it.

Plus, even though university (and Dragon Age: Origins *cough cough*) is keeping me really busy, I've managed to add some new stuff and polish a little more my skill system / battle system. Nothing great from this update about the game, however I'm slowly moving on toward my target and I really hope I'll be able to release this game soon (aka less than 1 year...).