New rush kicking in

Welcome back Morgy!

Thanks Morgy, I'm back!

Yeah, that's it, I'm finally back on this project. Since university kicked in (*ahem*Aion*ahem*) I didn't have much time to program and I felt kept out of my own project. I found it harder and harder to go back to it, but I promised to myself I had to complete this, especially if I want to even try to participate in next year's DreamBuildPlay (if there is one). That (and a lot of boredom today) is why I finally managed to get my head focused on this and read back to pages of code I wrote and now I'm back kicking, programming the game once again.

Today I improved my battle screen management, adding a BattleSkillList screen for the skill selection. I don't like "hard-coding" everything since I want to keep my classes as flexible as I can, however I had reached a real dead end with this BattleScreen stuff. I had to resort to have one screen of each action type (skill, attack, enemy select, item, etc etc) coded slightly different from the others if I wanted to keep going with this. Probably there was a better solution, but as long as I can get this to work and I don't drawn entangled into my own lines of code, it should be ok. In later versions I may try to revisit it all once again and make it better, but so far it seems to be working.

The real problem now is that I can't do any real testing yet, since I need to plan skills, animations and battles and I'm not in the condition for that (need editors, designers and all that stuff, which I'll be looking for when the basic engine is complete). If you feel like helping me out, with any kind of character art, skill art style and stuff, just feel free to mail me , I'll be glad to include them in the game if I find them appropriate. Any help is well-welcomed.

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