...done organizing?

At last, I'm done commenting all the code I've written... I'm only missing a last part regarding the battle system, but that is because it's roughly incomplete and probably due to changes soon, so I'll avoid commenting/explaining that since it will change soon.

Today I, also, was busy with installing and trying out the new Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2010. Too bad it doesn't support XNA GS yet, so I cannot make use of it for Harmonia Warders... well, VS 2008 is awesome already, so no loss.

Now it's time to tackle again on the battle system, I have to get this done, it's dragging me down so fast that I almost have no energies for anything else...

and still need artists. I hope someone *looks up* sends me an angel to help and draw all my images, but that won't work I bet, don't know just why though...

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