While waiting for reinforcement..

Today I ordered online Jim Perry's RPG programming with XNA book on Amazon to help me build and design Harmonia Warders.

Since I've been programming like an idiot this last week, I noticed a decreasing concentration on the project and I've been making lots of mistakes (for example I totally forgot the "target type" propriety of my skill system and I had to re-make the save-load functions of the skills and the editor). Since I don't want to clog my programming flow with mistakes and bad designing that could slow down my project, I decided I'll make a pause from this project till I get delivered the book.

Until then, I decided to have fun and create some kind of simulator for XNA to build up some skill (Especially toward 3D programming which I know close to nothing). I don't know yet what to make, but I was thinking something around electromagnetic physics, currents and those things. Basically because there's not much around that simulates it in games. Sure, there's the whole gravity physics simulator, but that's been done before by tons of people and I don't really want to copy from others.

I'll just go open my physics books and take some formula and stuff, then have fun in XNA and see what I come up with.


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