Time to continue the flow.

Finally today the book I was waiting for has arrived. I have to apologize for not going on with this project for a couple of weeks, however I was really stuck and was too afraid of screwing up something if I continued like this, without a guide or a plan to stick to. Now with the book, I'll be able to follow some guidelines for Harmonia Warders that will reveal, hopefully, useful throughout all the stages of development.

In the meanwhile, while I was gone from this blog, I had the time to think up a physics engine (incompleted) and an AI chatterbot that uses mysql database and a neural map interaction(incompleted as well) which will eventually turn out as useful one day for future projects. As of now, time to get going with Harmonia Warders, this project is not dead and will never be. I will see it to the end, I hope so at least.

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