Still on hold, keep in line..

Today's update is a bit useless.. however I felt like writing down something here for the readers...

As you've read the project is currently on hold for at least 5-6 days till I get the book in my hands and actually feel into going on with the project, however I've been keeping myself ready and trying new stuff in C#.

First, my physics engine is working well as I'm building it, it's a bit simple and actually it's harder than I expected.. but hopefully I'll get it to fully work in some time, the real satisfaction is that I'm actually making it 100% myself without taking stuff from other engines (yet).

Another thing I've started reading into is Socket connections in C# and I have to say I'm stunned at how easy it is. Socket always sounded bad and threatening to me and I never actually dared to approach it, however I can say it was way easier than I'd have expected. I've already made a couple of test applications and they work semi-well (problems with IP connections and stuff due to my router...), I'm satisfied with this as well.

Told ya guys, useless update... Cheers!

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