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Since I've just now completed my new skill editor, I decided to put in here and describe all the editors I'm currently using. I love making editors and other cool external application that help developing my games, it takes less than 1 hour (well, except for the map editor that gave me days of nightmare) and it speeds up the scripting process by much.

I'll start with my two new editors: The Monster and the Skill Editor

As seen in this picture, in the skill editor I have a database system that enumerates every skill with a number (ID) and every skill has got different properties, the animation, the animation properties and the Adj values. Those values are float numbers that describe the skill and its damage formula, whether or not it's dependant to a certain stat and how much by it. I have to say thanks to the guys over at the xna creator's club forums for helping me figuring out a nice formula base to use in this. Hopefully it turns out well.

The Monster editor is a bit more simple (I made it earlier, then decided on how to expand the concept) and I think I may get it to look similar to the Skill editor. As it is now, I have to manually edit the database.dat file for every monster and it will become tiring and prone to errors in the long run. However I'm really satisfied by it, you can see the monster entity doesn't have an animation attached.. that's because I decided to put a sub-folder in the monster folder called monsteranimation which keeps track of every image of the monsters, which will have the same name of the monster file, meaning I don't need to list its name as well.

And now... the almighty Map Editor!

As you can see, it's almost all copied by Nick's Editor, I just had to add some more features, like different layout and support for a tilemap (different from his own project), tile width and random encounters flag.
I'll probably have to expand on this concept later on (I fear this, seriously every time I touch that editor, lots of errors and exceptions come up, it just hates me!) when I will add GameEvents, but I'll keep it for later.

If you have any comments or suggestions, be free to express them!
Another day probably I'll put up here the Item editor too, which will be almost 100% similar to the Skill Editor, that is because those two things are almost the same...
Hopefully this was interesting enough for you guys.. Bye!

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