First post, bit of introduction.

Hello my friends, this is my new blog to keep track of the advancement in the development of my new (and first) RPG called Harmonia Warders.

It's an old school style RPG, with 2D tiled/pixelated graphics, developed by me on both PC and Xbox360 (under Xbox Indie Games).

Hopefully I'll be able to get this project to the end and release it because, more than anything, I don't want you guys to play it... I want to play it!

I'm not kidding, I just want to see this monster take life and have fun with it and its characters.

There is not much concept art yet, as it's still all in my head (I lack graphics artists, so far a friend is helping me..) so I can just show you this:
She's the second main character and I can't reveal much more, since it would spoil the fun.

Now, on to the technical part... so far I have managed to get done:

Main Menu - 90%
Tiled Maps Engine - 80%
Battle Engine - 40%
Game Menus - 5%
AI - 0%
Skill/Magic/Item Data - 0%
Monster Data - 5%
Character Data - 0%
Game Script - 0% (All in my head so far)

This doesn't include the graphics..

Graphics - 5%

As you guys can see, I've got a pretty long way to go, but hopefully I'll try to release this before Christmas... Let's hope!

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  1. I totally know what you mean about wanting to finish it so you can play it yourself. It's that way with my own game. As much as I want to release it and have other people love it, my real motivation is finally seeing this story that I've had in my head forever, finally take shape. It's all for me!